Khalid and Zeyna Foundation

Donor of Polytechnic

The Khalid & Zeyna Foundation is pleased to be associated with the secular Anjuman Polytechnic, by providing scholarships to girls from underprivileged backgrounds.  This enables them to be financially independent, and therefore paving their way for a brighter future for them, their families and their communities.

Whereas the number of girls we sponsor gives us cause for satisfaction, we would like to increase our financial support.

Our Foundation is focused on Polytechnic Education and Higher Learning.  We see many advantages for women and girls to undertake the courses available at Anjuman’s Polytechnic:

  • Easier to gain admission at the Polytechnic.
  • Courses are of shorter duration, therefore enabling the student to gain financial independence earlier.
  • Provide excellent technical and practical knowledge and skills, through a structured program and professional skills training.
  • Polytechnic studies are more focused, catering to industry requirements and manpower needs of the country.  The Polytechnic is able to change the courses dependent on requirements in the labour force.
  • Because of this focus, the students are more easily employable as they graduate with the right skills.  
  • By providing government certification, and with the knowledge gained, these courses are almost at par with a degree course.
  • Fees are reasonable compared to degree courses.
  • Provide easier transition to further studies, and more importantly, lucrative earnings.
  • Ability to mix with students from all backgrounds, thus facilitating their overall development and values.
  • High level of job placement.

With our very best wishes to the dedicated teachers and the students who will become role models for others and the leaders of tomorrow.

Malhotra Weikfield Foundation

Donor & Patron of AIPTECH

Message from Malhotra Weikfield Foundation

Malhotra Weikfield Foundation is proud and privileged to be associated with your esteemed Institution’s noble aim of nurturing young, budding and talented students to become the leading citizens of our country. Your training students as well as working professionals in accounting, web designing, programming languages, hardware and networking is noteworthy. Run and managed by seasoned professionals who lead a team of educators and trainers having relevant domain expertise, one can get trained in the subject of one’s choice from a wide range of courses.

We also appreciate and commend the work and efforts of every member of your Trustees, Management, Faculty and staff / team-members, working relentlessly year after year to help realize the dreams of young, innocent minds. We wish you even greater success in your noble endeavours.

Title of the Practice:Environment for enhanced teaching-learning and encouraging research


  •  To follow the mission statement of the institution to achieve its vision. 
  •  To provide infrastructure and a supportive environment to blend Teaching and Research for both students and faculty members.
  • To provide opportunities to the faculty members to update their knowledge related to their subjects.
  • To create research and learning opportunities for faculty members for self-growth and improved teaching.

The Practice:

  • Certificate Courses organized for better employability and reducing industry-academia gap: – Different departments of the institutions have initiated many certificate courses to prepare students for the industry. – The courses offered are related to modern marketing concepts, media-related skills, new arenas in information technology.
  • Developing an understanding of Entrepreneurship among students: – The institution has started The Incubation Centre for developing the entrepreneurial attitude among students. – Activities like competition on business ideas, interaction with entrepreneurs, and identifying business ideas are organized for the students
  • Opportunities for faculty development: – The institution provides support for participating in training programs and workshops. – The institution organizes faculty development programs for the teachers to update their knowledge and for better usage of technology.


 Counseling provides mental health services to all the members of the education institution, students, parents and the faculty of the institute. The vision of the Centre is to inspire Learners to become confident, knowledgeable, open-minded, and responsible global citizens.

The mental health services of our Counselling aims to: 

  1. Ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for all students.
  2. Help them to deal with  crisis.
  3. Address student’s social-emotional needs. 
  4. Remedial education by the Center’s Special Educators includes providing individualized basic skills instruction to students who have identified deficiency in reading, writing and individual learning needs with the primary aim of integrating them into mainstream learning.