We teach every deserving child free of cost. 

Additional attention and time is spent by the teachers on the students who are weak in their studies. Their progress is notified to their parents on a regular basis. 

Emphasis to inculcate moral values such as basic cleanliness, showing of respect to elders, obeying our teachers and elders, etc. in the students. This is done by telling them stories and fables and making them practice good habits. 

To enhance fluency in English, students are encouraged to communicate with each other in English. 

Students are encouraged and motivated to take advantage of the many resources available i.e. E-learning, Computer Lab, Maths Lab, Library, various school activities Inter-school competitions and co-curricular activities. 

Discipline and transparency are the strongest pillars of our institute. The teachers themselves try to follow such practices so that they set a good example for the students. 

School life here is a quest for meaning that goes far beyond the limitations of conventional curricular, textbooks and standardized examination, so that when our pupils leave us they are secure in their abilities, strong in their principles and confident to face challenges. The students are made to enact the teachings in the classrooms and also made to participate in various competitions to build up their confidence.